Some 3 site structural changes I wish to effect

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  • Merging the Journal subdomain onto Communications: Not only should this help in cutting down  work involved in managing multiple sites but also help keep these two content type that seem a lot alike in one place (for te target readers).
  • Upgrade the current medium tier shared hosting plan to perhaps large. The medium tier had work well back when there was next to no traffic (nor could any be rationally anticipation) but have, lately as I worked on both the main domain as well as subs, believe to have seen signs of possible lag that may be widely notible as web traffic may begin to build.
  • Explore the possibility of availing a fitting global TLD domain without getting into much trouble (like loosing the “likeChrist” phrase to next best one). had been best but it is not available. While the on the otherhand is available, it is now not only on the hands of a domain speculator (asking for around for around $1800)  but is less prefered to the ORG TLD as it has a stogger company bearing (and not that of an organisation). The Lord God show mercy still upon the whole. All and every good work should ever abound to His glory.

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