My mind on YouTube and Christianity

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Any enlightened eye that have had occassion to consider will agree with me that YouTube is for the most part not Christian friendly – despite that that it can be quite resourceful at times. Now while I would rather that Christians setup and keep their own curate list of Christian friendly informative and refreshment videos, I understand that some may be compelled to depend a little on video resources on YouTube. I say little because I honestly believe only a handfull of video types can be consumed on YouTube (I should share the video types I feel compelled to consume at the moment). And below I wish to share measures I use to try and minimize stumbling.
  1. I use the Firefox browser on PC with an Addon called Ad Block Plus. This blocks all ad types by default on YouTube
  2. Until recently, I had to use Ad block Plus in conjuction with the AdBlock (also available for Firefox) to harness the ability to permanently prevent certain sections of webpages from loading. But Adblock Plus can do this now and is more user friendly. Through this I managed to remove both the dreaded right suggested/Up-next video panel as well as the comments (often sad by themselves or the profile picture of the commentor). Yes I use the same to remove sections/elements on other sites I use often such as online banking portal banners, feminine Paypal homepage banners, etc.
  3. I have through the use of same removed the suggested videos in the end of each play back. Which can be equaly as potentially offensive as the right side panel alluded to above.
  4. As a male, I avoid famale presented video resources (and avoid going through the male presented ones infront of wife). This is mainly becuase a fallen dress code is very common amongst pagan based videos.
  5. Again the use of arogant language (that vexes/mocks) is often expected even on pagan’s most formalest video resources. So I labour to use headphones so we do not end up having two vexed souls (wife included) – Never mind exposing the kids thereto.
  6. If any video should refuse to cooporate (by featuring multiple offenses in its footage makeup), I instantly toss it over the shoulder! Yes I reckon I rather go without the desired infomation (if I cannot help it) than to get compromised spiritually.
  7. I avoid YouTube on mobile but I already use a recommend the Adblock Browser (based on Google Chrome) which is also of great value in blocking non YouTube webpage ads. Before the recently Firefox addon breakdown, I used the same Adblock plus on Firefox for mobile/Android. I should check and update if this works again and whether the newly implemented websection blocking feature works on mobile.

The foregoind are video types I am currently forced to consume on YouTube

  • Auto DIY based videos – to help with servicing the old KIA
  • Game and video animation tutorials – help with video and game content creation
  • Very few kids animation – most of which I have to edit (cut out bits) before sending to the desktop the boys use
  • Howto videos – I sometimes search these just to have something to keep the boys pre-ocupied. These works better than videos meant for kids as the theme is normally innocent. I however normally battle the dressing of individuals who may appear on the same an often have many without even attempting to edit them. Yes ideally a good kids video is one that is careful not to offend the parent or guardian as they administer it to the kids.
  • No I follow no comedies, sports, soapies, movies or any other kindred secular vidoegraphy. Yes I also find many professed Christian vidoes/films having much of the world in in them and hence follow non of those either. In fact any Christian video resource that is published on YouTube (with the exception of evangelism videos) gets no sympathy from me for Christ’s sake. Never mind those who even run ads on their YouTube published ‘Christian’ video content – more on this here. Yes I really rather we curate our own on a website we can have controll over (I do not see this on YouTube nor do I think they are obligated as their intent not to honor the same God and Christ we do). And this here is my mind on television and Christianity.

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