Committing to proofread all text based content

As accounted on the communication post here, virtually all past publications were done in rather haste. And one of the ...
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3D texturing

3D texturing recently looked at and tried out

On earlier 3D animation work, I had deliberately overlooked the use of textures whenever I felt I could. This was ...
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To Watch or not to Watch Television as a Christian

Christians and Television Much could be said and discussed of how exactly public television is to be viewed from a ...
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Christian friendly loop taxi

Christian friendly loop taxi game attempted

I lately desired to and also went on to attempt a simple loop taxi game. As with all attempted games ...
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Christian Thanksgiving

WIP on a Short Kids Christian Thanksgiving Animation

Following the resolution here, I am currently attempting another evangelical Christian doctrine based kids animation. The approach thereof should be ...
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Like Christ Ministries

Content creation brought to halt due to lack of resource

It has been over 3 weeks since the last publication. All because I, at one point, felt I had to ...
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The minnies

Computer animation creation delayed due to lost HDR setting

Just before the relocation event, I was spending much time creating Christian friendly computer & smartphone game content. During which ...
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Like Christ's content quality

On the quality of content created and published onsite todate

Until lately, I have created content for the online ministry in somewhat hurry. Mainly in attempt to quickly compile a ...
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Selfhosting Videos

Why I self-host videos instead of using the popular YouTube

Christians who may have had occasion to meditate upon this subject may feel this is somewhat an obvious case, however ...
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3D Car Driving Game

A 3D based Driving game being attempted

I response to the descerned need to quickly create a few basic kids games for the boys to play (and ...
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White-specked brown cow

Considering to create and publish abitrary nature videos & images

Together with animation based video resources, I am considering bringing in innocent nature based videos and images. By abitrary meaning ...
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